The Westing Game book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A bizarre chain of events begins when sixteen unlikely people g. The Westing Game is a mystery novel written by Ellen Raskin and published by Dutton in It won the Newbery Medal recognizing the year's most. The Westing Game (Puffin Modern Classics) [Ellen Raskin] on * FREE* shipping Explore our editors' picks for the best kids' books of the month.

The Westing Game Book

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Would-be heirs compete for a fortune in classic mystery. Read Common Sense Media's The Westing Game review, age rating, and parents guide. THE WESTING GAME by Ellen . the old Westing house up there; it hasn't been lived in for .. slammed the reservations book shut, pressed a hand against. Apr 12, THIS IS THE BEST BOOK. I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN, AND TURTLE IS THE BEST CHARICTER EVER CREATED. I I FIRST READ THE BOOK.

The Westing Game is scene-driven, full of present action and dialogue between the partners as they sort through information.

We never see Turtle Wexler at school, for example, or anyone engaged in a non-game pursuit. Paragraphs are often under words—what we Ploughshares bloggers know to be a reader-friendly length.

From the first draft, Raskin thought about story in design ways. Conceived to keep young readers interested, these alternate texts are some of the most entertaining parts of the novel.

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Delivery boy. Fourth-grade dropout. IQ: A bachelor. Continue reading.

Report this review. Adult Written by B Y.

January 10, My Son had to read it for school so I read it with him and it was terrible. It was just not a good story for kids ta all. Teen, 14 years old Written by Faramir May 28, Drivel With a Pretty Cover This book is clearly liked by most readers, which is actually quite sad.

The two-dimensional characters in this book that is to say, all of them undergo virtu Kid, 12 years old December 30, Aside from the fact that it is a murder mystery, it is one amazing adventure! With all the twi What's the story? Is it any good?

Talk to your kids about What makes a satisfying mystery? What are some of your favorite mystery stories? Book details Author: Ellen Raskin Genre: Mystery Topics: Adventures , Friendship , Misfits and Underdogs Book type: Fiction Publisher: Puffin Books Publication date: August 15, Number of pages: Newbery Medal and Honors.

Misfits and Underdogs. For kids who love mysteries and classic books. Mystery Books. Classic Books for Kids. Our editors recommend. The Egypt Game.

The Westing Game

Newbery Honor book is a fun mystery romp. The Giver, Book 1. A riveting utopian novel that's expertly crafted. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. The will is structured as a puzzle, with the 16 heirs challenged to find the solution.

He is married to Grace Wexler, whom he loves, but he also knows that she might never be happy with their life or financial situation.

Jake is the father of Angela Wexler and Turtle Wexler. She barely speaks English and can usually be found working in her husband's restaurant.

It is rumored that Mr. Hoo married her for her year-old sauce recipe.

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Although she is an heir, she doesn't contribute to the game. She is very protective of her long, dark braid of hair and kicks anyone who pulls it. She excels at playing the stock market.

Flora Baumbach is a shy year-old dressmaker who becomes a maternal figure to her partner, Turtle. Her daughter, Rosalie, had Down syndrome and died of pneumonia at age Her husband disappeared, and it is unknown whether he died or if there was a divorce.

Flora is kind to everyone and prefers to see the best in people. Turtle refers to her as "Baba," while she refers to Turtle as "Alice.

He is very intelligent and enjoys birdwatching.

His brother, Theo, is very protective of him. Chris's disease causes muscle spasms and affects his speech, but he is much more observant than he lets on — in part because he is often dismissed by others. Chris also develops a temporary friendship with Sydelle Pulaski. Denton Deere is a year-old medical intern. He is engaged to Angela. He has an obsession with diagnosing those he meets. He is usually kicked by Turtle. Pair Four[ edit ] Judge J. Ford is an intelligent and serious African-American woman in her forties.

She is suspicious of the game created by Sam Westing. Unlike the other heirs, who want to win the game and the fortune, her goal is to discover the past of every heir. She prefers to work on her own, but uses her partner's ear for gossip to her advantage. Her connection to Westing is that she is the daughter of his former servants. Growing up, Westing would play chess with Ford and funded her education.

As Sandy, Westing suggested that he did so as he saw her potential instead of pity as she believes. Eastman, Windy Windkloppel in Sunset Towers. His description says that he previously worked at Westing Paper Products Corporation and claims to have been fired by Sam Westing himself for attempting to organize the workers.

McSouthers is notable for his knowledge of Sunset Towers' gossip. Pair Five[ edit ] Grace Windsor Wexler, married to Jake Wexler and mother of Angela and Turtle, is a self-centered woman who is obsessed with her own image. She favors Angela while largely ignoring Turtle. She claims to be Mr. Westing's niece; her name is actually Gracie Windkloppel Wexler. Grace wants to be an interior designer.

However, as the game goes on, she develops a growing interest in her partner's restaurant and the restaurant business in general. He claims Mr. Westing stole his patent for the disposable diaper and appears bitter and moody for this reason.There are 8 teams, each team has a set of clues and together they must understand them.

Plum, attorney, both times. We remember learning that even from the very first sentence, things may not be what they seem: The sun sets in the west just about everyone knows that , but Sunset Towers faced east.

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It was ingenious and full of twists and plots and I adored the main character Turtle. Beneath these charms, however, brews something more consequential. Even if she liked Crow, the woman in black. Paragraphs are often under words—what we Ploughshares bloggers know to be a reader-friendly length.