Informed by the Cambridge Learner Corpus, and providing an official past exam paper, Complete PET is the most authentic exam preparation course available. Each unit of the Student's Book covers one part of each exam paper and provides thorough exam practice. The CD-ROM provides. complete pet student's book - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. PET CAMBRIDGE - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

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Complete PET Practice test. Download a full PET for Schools Practice test with answer key, recording scripts and audio below. Download full test (PDF). Paper 1 . Complete PET combines the very best in contemporary classroom practice with stimulating topics aimed at teenagers and young adults. Specification Title: Complete PET Workbook with Answers with Audio CD . Complete IELTS Bands Student's Book ebook pdf online download gia sach.

Grammar usedro continuous, Past Pastsimple, verb. When I was four Yearsold. Read this exam An English friend,of yours called Sam is ill and couldn't play in a school basketball rnatch yesterday, which your team lost.

Write an email to Sam.


In your email you should. Write words. Tick the pieces of information that you could include in the email. Writing Part 2 Checklist Is the email the right length? Are the right tenses Are there any spelling errors?

X a suggestion about when you can go to his house K an invitation to your house l your friends a message Samfrom someof for M I T Look at this student's answer. We went with our teacher to look at it yesterday, and it goes round really fast. The replacement will be ready by next year, though. For each question, mark the correct letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.

Last month we held a jazz competition with bands from local high schools — and our band won! Each band had their own costumes, ranging from black school uniforms like my band wore, to brightly-coloured T-shirts. Players from each band even created new tunes right there on stage. It was exciting to watch — but even better when my band played on stage!

We have a great jazz band at my school, but not everyone who wants to play in it gets accepted — only about half, in fact. Adults are often surprised that young people are getting interested in jazz.

B had little experience of playing in public. C played at a high level despite their age. D were dressed to look like professional jazz bands.

B join the school jazz band. C learn about jazz in after-school classes. D go to jazz summer camps at the school. A She finds it easier to learn than other forms of music. B She thinks it is more serious than pop music. C She likes the chance to perform with others on stage. D She feels in touch with jazz players of the past. A The competition was great, but B My mum and dad always do all they I think I preferred being in the can to help with my trumpet playing audience to playing — I was nervous!

We costumes. They are well prepared for feeding under water because they can 26 very well, and they can also 27 movement through special lines on the sides of their bodies. These make sharks very 28 for smaller sea creatures that become their food.

Although sharks are similar 29 other ish in a number of ways, their bodies are different. For example, unlike other ish, most sharks 30 to swim all the time in order to breathe and stay alive, 31 they hardly sleep at all. Also, if sharks are turned over on their backs, they can stop moving This is a very useful technique for researchers 33 are often required to 34 sharks.

It allows them to 35 out more about these fascinating creatures. For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. You may use this page for any rough work. Example: 0 We had an exhibition of our art work in the school hall last night. Write an email to your English friend, Sam. My family and I are coming to visit your area soon. Can you tell me some good places for us to go?

And what will the weather be like while we are there? Each question carries one mark. For each part of the test there will be time for you to look through the questions and time for you to check your answers. For each question, choose the correct answer A, B or C. Example: Where did the girl and her family go on holiday? A B C 1 Which cyclist won the race? A B C 4 How did the girl get to school?

A B C 5 Which music poster does the boy prefer? A B C 7 What will Sam take on the school museum trip tomorrow?

How can we help you?

A She studied weather in school science lessons. B She had experience of bad weather where she lived. C She saw programmes about weather on TV. B provided information to the school for projects. C set up equipment for studying the weather.

C They failed to check weather forecasts regularly. B be on TV weather programmes. C travel abroad for her job. For each question, fill in the missing information in the numbered space.

The design must include a Entries can be sent in up to 17 May. If possible, pupils should also send their 18 with the entry. The winning school will receive a You will hear a boy, Mark, and a girl, Anna, talking about winter sports.

Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect. If it is correct, choose the letter A for YES. If it is not correct, choose the letter B for NO. A B 21 Anna is surprised at how quickly Mark learnt to snowboard.

A B 25 Anna and Mark both prefer doing snowboarding to other winter sports. Can I have your mark sheets, please? Students hand over the mark sheets to the Assessor. Thank you. Interlocutor asks the following questions. Ask Candidate A first. Do you live in …? Chrome Remote Desktop With mobile apps and a Google Chrome browser extension—and that's it—Chrome Remote Desktop more than rivals others for providing remote access between PCs you can't use it to control a smartphone or tablet, but you can control a PC from the apps on a smartphone or tablet.

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Complete PET WORKBOOK With Answers (2010)

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Think of it as a backup for Find My iPhone, but on multiple, easily stolen products running operating systems other than just iOS.Add them to the table. I want. Ask Candidate B first. For the next mont h, Hong Kong audi ences wi l l have the chance to see thi s show. We decided catch the train.

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Write words.