The course Introduction to Business Administration provides students with an overview of the key elements of the field of business administration so that he. 1. Introduction to Business Administration Lesson 1. 1. Administration. Administration can be defined as the process of organizing resources efficiently to. This is the book An Introduction to Business (v. ). Chapter 1: The Foundations of Business. Chapter 2: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility .

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At the end of this course the student will be able: • To understand basic Economy and Business Administration concepts. • To recognize the role of companies in. Faculty of Business. Module: Introduction to Business Administration. Module information. Course of study. Profile. Specialization. Business Administration. PDF | The previous text-book is concerns foundational issues of modern is designed for students of business administration and listeners of.

Building Organizational Structures Contemporary Structures Using Teams to Enhance Motivation and Performance Authority—Establishing Organizational Relationships Degree of Centralization Organizational Design Considerations The Informal Organization Managing Human Resources and Labor Relations. Employee Recruitment Employee Selection Employee Training and Development Performance Planning and Evaluation Employee Compensation and Benefits The Labor Relations Process Managing Grievances and Conflicts Motivating Employees.

Early Theories of Motivation The Hawthorne Studies Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs McGregor's Theories X and Y Herzberg's Motivator-Hygiene Theory Contemporary Views on Motivation From Motivation Theory to Application Trends in Employee Motivation X. Achieving World-Class Operations Management. Production and Operations Management—An Overview The Production Process: How Do We Make It?

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Location, Location, Location: Where Do We Make It? Pulling It Together: Resource Planning Production and Operations Control Looking for a Better Way: Improving Production and Operations Transforming the Factory Floor with Technology The Marketing Concept Creating a Marketing Strategy Developing a Marketing Mix downloader Behavior Market Segmentation What Is a Product?

Creating Products That Deliver Value The Product Life Cycle Pricing Strategies and Future Trends Distributing and Promoting Products and Services. The Nature and Functions of Distribution Place Wholesaling The Competitive World of Retailing Promotion Strategy The Huge Impact of Advertising The Importance of Personal Selling Sales Promotion Public Relations Helps Build Goodwill Trends in Social Media Using Technology to Manage Information.

Transforming Businesses through Information Linking Up: Computer Networks Management Information Systems Technology Management and Planning Protecting Computers and Information Using Financial Information and Accounting. More than Numbers The Accounting Profession Basic Accounting Procedures The Balance Sheet The Income Statement The Statement of Cash Flows Analyzing Financial Statements Trends in Accounting XV.

Understanding Money and Financial Institutions. Show Me the Money The Federal Reserve System Financial Institutions Insuring Bank Deposits International Banking Understanding Financial Management and Securities Markets.

The Role of Finance and the Financial Manager How Organizations Use Funds Obtaining Short-Term Financing Raising Long-Term Financing Equity Financing Securities Markets downloading and Selling at Securities Exchanges Your Career in Business.

Accuracy rating: 5 The information in the textbook was accurate and reviewed my a large number of professionals as referenced at the beginning of the textbook.

The information utilized a fact presenting format that steers clear of unbiased content. Interestingly, the first time I opened the book it appeared to have an update as well which demonstrates the accuracy of the textbook and how the material is being periodically updated.

Clarity rating: 4 The introduction to business - textbook introduces students to key terminology and jargon that will be continually referenced in future business courses.

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Some of these terms may be new to students with little exposure prior to the introduction to business course, but the text does a good job of addressing these areas to prevent most issues.

Consistency rating: 5 This textbook is consistent in the way that the book is created from beginning to end.

The creation of each chapter and section are very well planned and executed. Modularity rating: 5 Additional reading components of this textbook enhance the topics covered by introducing real world examples and applications.

These areas are separated by a shaded background which adds to the layout and creates a smooth flow from section to section.

In many ways it is up to the instructor to possibly see the organization of the textbook as either good or in need of improvement.Culture and Globalization 4.

Options and Futures 6.

Religious Studies 1. Molecular biology 1.

Oral Biology 1.