Synonyms are words that are similar, or have a related meaning, to another word. example of synonyms are the words begin, start, commence, and initiate. kindr ed in meaning but distinct in usage., for ex pressing almost every shade of human thought English Synonyms Synonyms and Antonyms, by James. group together what are perceived as useful sets of synonyms with their attendant illustrative synonyms for, say, abdication by making nouns of the verbs listed.

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Important Synonyms List PDF (English Words and their Meanings) for SSC This PDF of important English words with their meanings contains. List of Synonyms | Download Available From synonyms/. Page 1 of 5. List of Synonyms. A list of synonyms & antonyms for the. Title: English Synonyms and Antonyms With Notes on the Correct Use of . great value of synonyms as contributing to beauty and effectiveness of expression.

However, no semantic preview benefit was observed for semantic associates e. These different preview conditions represent different degrees to which the meaning of the sentence changes when the preview is replaced by the target. When this continuous variable determined by a norming procedure was used as the predictor in the analyses, there was a significant relationship between it and all reading time measures, suggesting that similarity in meaning between what is accessed parafoveally and what is processed foveally may be an important influence on the presence of semantic preview benefit.

Why synonyms provide semantic preview benefit in reading English is discussed in relation to 1 previous failures to find semantic preview benefit in English and 2 the fact that semantic preview benefit is observed in other languages even for non-synonymous words. Semantic preview benefit is argued to depend on several factors—attentional resources, depth of orthography, and degree of similarity between preview and target.

Throughout this debate researchers have used various tasks and languages to examine whether readers can obtain such information. The results of these studies have come to different conclusions: some claim positive evidence while others claim negative evidence. Synonyms: pusillanimous, dastardly. Antonyms: stalwart, intrepid, valiant, stout-hearted.

Synonym: conviction. Antonym: skepticism. Antonym: incredible. Synonyms: praiseworthy, meritorious, commendable. Antonyms: discreditable, infamous, opprobrious, ignominious. Synonym: gullible. Antonyms: incredulous, skeptical. Synonyms: cower, flinch, fawn, truckle, wince.

Synonyms: occult, enigmatic. Antonyms: palpable, manifest. Synonyms: censurable, reprehensible. Synonyms: cumbersome, unwieldy, bulk. CURB: To control, check, or restrain - forcibly curbed the people's protest.

Synonyms: repress, subdue.

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Antonyms: painstaking, meticulous. CURT: Rudely abrupt -offended by the curt response. Synonyms: blunt, brusque, bluff. Antonyms: affable, civil.

Synonyms: sarcastic, surly. Antonyms: plethora, abundance. Synonyms: respect, complaisance, veneration. Antonym recalcitrance.

Synonym: divinity. Synonyms: expunge, censor, efface, eradicate. Synonym: derelict. Synonyms: deportment, mien. Synonyms: sedate, staid, decorous, prudish, coy. Antonyms: immodest, frivolous. Synonyms: stigmatize, censure, reprehend, castigate- Antonyms: laud, eulogize.

Synonyms: exhaust, drain. Antonyms: replenish; adj.

Synonyms: lament, decry, grieve. Synonyms: debased, wicked, vicious, perverted. Synonyms: remonstrate, protest, decry, expostulate. Antonym: sanction. Synonyms: disparage, derogate adj. Antonyms: enhance, magnify, extol, laud, eulogize.

Synonyms: destruction, desolation. Synonym: circuitous. Synonyms: crooked, erring. Synonym: destitute. Antonyms: abounding, prevalent. Synonyms: pious, religious. Antonym impious. Synonym: pedagogical. Synonyms: shy, timid, reserved, reticent, retiring.

Antonyms: forward, aggressive. DILEMMA: A situation calling for a choice between two equally difficult alternatives; hence, a difficult or perplexing situation - faced with a dilemma defying solution.

Synonyms: predicament, quandary, plight. Synonyms: amateur, connoisseur. Synonyms: perturb, discomfit, discompose, abash, disquiet, fluster. Synonyms: inconsolable, dejected.

Antonyms: blithesome, carefree. Synonyms: desultory, digressive. Synonyms: palm, impartial. Antonym partial. Synonym: expedite. Synonyms: celerity, alacrity. Synonyms: dissipate, disperse, diffuse. Synonyms: debauched, dissipated, profligate.

Synonym: harassed. Synonym: multifarious. Synonyms: disclose, impart. DOGMATIC: Positive in expressing an opinion; asserting an opinion as though it were an undisputed fact - spoken dogmatically, as if the speaker considered himself infallible.

Synonyms: overbearing, opinionated, peremptory, dictatorial. Synonyms: doleful, lugubrious, grievous. Antonyms: jocund, blithe, mirthful. Synonym: energetic. Antonyms: static, inert, dormant, torpid, sluggish, quiescent. Antonyms: secular, lay. Synonym: decree. EDIFY: To instruct or uplift, particularly in morals or religion - a story that edifies the reader, as well as entertains him. Synonyms: egocentric, vain.

Antonym: altruistic. Synonyms: evoke, extract, extort. Synonym: clarify. Synonyms: solicit, supplicate, beseech, implore, importune; adj. Synonyms: fleeting, transitory, transient, evanescent.

Synonyms: maxim proverb, adage. Synonyms: serenity, composure, imperturbability, aplomb. Synonyms: stray, blunder. Synonyms: scholarly, knowing. Synonyms: abstruse, recondite. Synonyms: questionable, reprehensible, censurable. Antonym: laudable. Synonyms: vindicate, exonerate, absolve, acquit. Antonyms: arraign, indict, inculpate.

Synonyms: illustrative, typical; praiseworthy, laudable. Synonym: dilate. Synonyms: opportune, seasonable.

Synonym: feat. Synonyms: purge, delete. Synonyms: impromptu, offhand. Synonym: defunct. Antonym: extant. Synonyms: eradicate, exterminate, efface, obliterate. Not essential; foreign; irrelevant - excluded material extraneous to the subject. Synonyms: extrinsic, adventitious. Antonyms: germane, intrinsic, inherent, relevant, pertinent. Synonym: jubilation. Synonyms: jocose, droll, flippant, frivolous. Antonyms: solemn, grave, saturnine. Antonyms: infallible, unerring.

Synonyms: inane, vacuous, puerile. Antonyms: judicious, sagacious, sage. Synonyms: allegiance, constancy, fidelity. Antonyms: disloyalty, infidelity, treachery. Antonym: 15 www. Synonyms: dissemble, sham, dissimulate, affect. Synonym: bliss.

Synonyms: perfervid, impassioned, zealous, fervent, vehement. Synonym: charm, talisman, amulet. Synonym: debacle. Synonym: fabricated. Synonyms: flabby, limp.

Synonyms: glaring, scandalous, notorious, conspicuous, gross. Synonyms: florid, ornate, resplendent, embellished, garish, gaudy, gorgeous, rococo. Antonym: somber. Synonyms: transitory, fugitive.

Synonyms: oscillate, vacillate, undulate, sway. Synonyms: restrain, abstain.

Synonyms: rhetorical, oratorical. Synonyms: casual, 16 www.

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Synonyms: brawl, altercation, fray, wrangle, imbroglio. Synonyms: balk, thwart, foil, baffle, obstruct, discomfit. Antonym: abet. Synonyms: adorn, deck. Synonym: lineage.

Synonym: inception. Synonyms: gruesome, grisly, pallid, macabre, grim, lurid. Synonyms: mock, sneer, jeer, scoff, flout, deride adj. GLIB: Smooth-spoken, fluent - a glib liar, distorting the truth effortlessly. Synonyms: voracious, intemperate. Synonyms: diaphanous, flimsy, gauzelike Antonyms: substantial, ponderous. Antonyms: lone, aloof. Synonyms: accost, salute. Synonyms: rant, declaim. Synonym: tirade. Synonyms: 17 www. Synonyms: inadvertent, rash, incautious.

Antonyms: prudent, circumspect, mindful, wary. Synonyms: atrocious, outrageous, monstrous, odious, nefarious, abominable. Synonym: heterodoxy. Antonym: orthodoxy. Synonym: breach. Synonyms: dramatic, theatrical. HOAX noun : A trick or deception; a practical joke - played a hoax upon the credulous public. Synonym: canard. Antonym: understatement. Synonym: supposition.

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Synonyms: eccentricity, foible, mannerism, crotchet, aberration, quirk, singularity. Synonyms: infamous, degrading, opprobrious, odious. Antonyms: illustrious, renowned, preeminent. Synonyms: undefiled, unsullied, unblemished, untarnished. Antonyms: defiled, sullied, blemished.

Synonym: impending. Synonym: unsusceptible. Synonym: arraign. Synonyms: call in question, discredit. Synonyms: consummate, irreproachable, unerring, infallible. Antonyms: culpable, fallible. Synonyms: impermeable, impenetrable. Antonyms: permeable, pervasive. Synonyms: unrelenting, inexorable, unappeasable.

Antonyms: placable, forbearing. Synonyms: tacit, implied. Antonym: explicit. Synonyms: purport, moment, consequence. Synonyms: quack, mountebank, charlatan, bogus, fraud. Synonyms: execration, malediction, anathema. Antonyms: benediction, benison.

Synonym: invincible.

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Antonym: vulnerable. Synonyms: indecency, indecorum. Antonym: amenity. Synonyms: prodigal, shiftless. Synonyms: intern, immure. Antonyms: emancipate, enfranchise.

Synonyms: sarcastic, mordant, trenchant, acute. With one's identity concealed - traveled incognito. Synonyms: irrefutable, indubitable. Synonym: accrual. The doctors did not reveal the truth to him. Down —— Below The stone rolled down the hill. He dived below the surface of the water.

Synonyms List E Learn synonym words that start with E with synonyms examples. Earth —— Ground After a week at sea, it was good to feel the earth beneath our feet again. I found her lying on the ground. The answer is really quite simple. Encourage —— Urge My parents have always encouraged me in my choice of career. The report urged that all children be taught to swim.

She concluded her speech with a quotation from Shakespeare. Enlarge —— Magnify There are plans to enlarge the recreation area. Enormous —— Huge The problems facing the President are enormous. He gazed up at her with huge brown eyes.

Enquire —— Investigate I called the station to enquire about train times. The FBI has been called in to investigate. Evaluate —— Assess Our research attempts to evaluate the effectiveness of the different drugs. Breakfast is provided at no extra charge. Synonyms F Learn list of common synonyms that start with F with synonyms examples. She has always remained loyal to her political principles. They are devoted to their children.

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Fall —— Drop September had come and the leaves were starting to fall. The climber slipped and dropped to his death. False —— Untrue He used a false name to get the job. These accusations are totally untrue. Famous —— Renowned He became internationally famous for his novels. She is renowned for her patience. Fantastic —— Great The weather was absolutely fantastic. This represents a great achievement.

She walked with short, quick steps. Father —— Dad He was a wonderful father to both his natural and adopted children. Find —— Discover Can you find my bag for me? Police discovered a large stash of drugs while searching the house. Could you mend my bike for me? Fool —— Idiot He told me he was an actor and I was fool enough to believe him. When I lost my passport, I felt such an idiot. The policy prohibits smoking on school grounds.

Chemical weapons are banned internationally. She was pardoned after serving ten years of a life sentence. She is his daughter from a previous marriage.

We spent part of the time in the museum. The central portion of the bridge collapsed. She cleaned a small segment of the painting.

Fragrance —— Perfume They are about to launch their first fragrance for men. She was wearing too much perfume. Frank —— Candid He was very frank about his relationship with the actress. I felt she was being less than candid with me. Freedom —— Liberty People here like their freedom and privacy. The concept of individual liberty is enshrined in the constitution.

Her eyes blazed with fury.

His face was dark with rage. The house was left unused for most of the year. Have you read her new novel? I get a lot of enjoyment from music. Someone could have been hurt. It was a very entertaining evening. Furious —— Angry She was absolutely furious at having been deceived. Her behavior really made me angry.

She has acquired a good knowledge of English. I finally managed to obtain a copy of the report. I was only trying to be chivalrous. Will someone take out the trash? The streets were littered with rubbish.

Gather —— Collect His supporters gathered in the main square.Important —— Significant Money played an important role in his life. Computer files and documents and collections of computer data: Synonym: divinity. Antonyms: germane, intrinsic, inherent, relevant, pertinent. Synonym: heterodoxy. Synonym: tribulation. Synonym: dilate. Synonym: bliss.

Synonyms: umbrage, dudgeon, animosity.