Contents: The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management (): Eric Verzuh: Books. The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management (Fast Forward MBA Series) (): Eric Verzuh: Books. Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. Project management is a strategic capability for Similar books to The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management ( Fast Forward MBA Series).

Mba Project Management Book

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Explore Project Manager's board "Project Management Books MBA", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Management books, Project. Project management book for mba. 1. M.B.A. Paper – PROJECT MANAGEMENT; 2. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Unit – 1 Concepts of Project. This post is to give you a heads up on Project Management Books & a sneak peek in what those books #2 – The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management.

Reports are due on the 5th calendar day of each month. The results are better and more frequent communication, better alignment, and improved bottom line performance. In addition, this process can actually replace the traditional, annual employee appraisal process.

It is a quick and worthwhile read. This book helps you to get into this mood.

Top 9 Best Project Management Books of All Times

Jon M. Project Tool Box by Russ J.

Milosevic Project Management ToolBox provides a comprehensive overview of when, where, and how to use project management tools and techniques to improve your project management skills.

Many project management books focus on problems. Sprint is great because it focuses on solutions and gives practical examples how to achieve them. The thing I like the most is that you focus on one thing at the time. This book is like a made easy reference for advanced project management. It has a slight biasness towards software driven products and companies, most of the principles are broadly applicable. This top project management book takes a decisive, business-oriented and contemporary approach for learning and teaching project management.

It makes a balance of current theory and hands-on practical experience and research to offer a complete range of perspectives of the project management process. Contemporary and comprehensive case studies with detailed analysis and exercise offer the readers tools to assess projects in real-time, equipping them with razor-sharp decision making skills.

It is considered a well written introduction book to the art of Project Management providing a coherent summary of important concepts and practices. Experienced professionals can also use this reference since it provides a multi-industry understanding of the contents. The author is addressing theory of project management within the context of various successful organisations, whether they are held publicly, private or non-profit firms. The concepts have been well explained with a plethora of examples and live case studies offering credible and valuable information.

It also highlights the importance of latest technology used in the project management process with practical exercises. This book on project management will address all possible angles of a successful construction project management in the present complex environment. It will introduce all key players in the process, taking through each phase of the project and presenting tools for effectively managing the projects and the people.

It makes an attempt to successfully infuse a blend of theoretical and practical reality with the importance of Owners, Designers and Construction professionals throughout.

It highlights new techniques, technologies, statistics and career information including new approaches to collaboration, project delivery and focus on continuous improvement.

The content is simple to understand and recommended for students in early stages of their career with detailed analysis and accuracy especially for college students.

All the projects carry an inherent element of risk. While balancing out time constraints, technical shortcomings and resource issues, the identification of potential risks becomes a critical component in the job of a project manager.

It outlines the risk management process and providing established methods of project risk planning based on real-life situations and multiple practical examples. Analysis on critical aspects is offered including:. This reference guide will offer an understanding and methods to define, analyze, record and update risks. Though information is centric towards the IT industry, the methods can be applied to the industry with success. It provides a simple and clear understanding on how can the risk methods be applied for managing any kind of risks thereby eliminating surprises and keeping projects on track.

Overall, it is a complete, well — structured and easy to understand guide. This best project management book which has been created by the Harvard School of Management focusses on how to meet the goals with respect to Time and Budget.

Apart from the practical aspect, the aim also has to be on Confidence and Motivation.

These are highly important characteristics which have to exist for continuous improvement. Whether one is managing the first project or improvising, this guide will offer the tools and confidence needed for defining smart goals and achieving them for enhancement and ensuring future projects are executed smoothly. The contents are in an easy to understand language for handling large scale improvements in projects and also essential tools for managing routine tasks.

This comprehensive book on project management has been considered a standard for both professionals and academics.

Beginner project management books

Readers will learn an approach to project management which recognizes the project environment and how smoothly can it be adopted. This best project management book is ideal for instructors, students and active project managers as it includes updated case studies and exercises with detailed analysis and solutions:.


The modern fast-paced technology requires smart product management which is critical for maintaining a competitive advantage. This insightful guide offers interviews with nearly leading product managers across the globe in addition to the experience of the authors in style, approach and other techniques of a successful product manager. This book is packed with deep knowledge of the craft of Product leadership.

23 Project Management Books for All Experience Levels

A vast community of product leaders exist who are facing struggles which are similar in nature and the authors have successfully distilled their experience and feedback. It is highly recommended for anyone who is a Product Leader or desires to understand their role whether fresher or experienced to manage human beings and complex product roadmaps.Upcoming SlideShare.

His company trains thousands of professionals every year in the fundamentals of successful project management.

The major task of the project is to assess the financial, technical and managerial involvement and its justification considering the resource constraint. When the project is small, the study format may be quite informal, perhaps there will be no formal study at all and little accumulation of actual data. Tonmoy Saha tnq broo.

Classification of project helps in graphically expressing and highlighting the essential features of the project.

The need for such careful studies is further underscored on two counts: