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[eBook - ITA] Chuck Palahniuk - ciofreedopadkin.cf MB. Chuck Palahniuk - ciofreedopadkin.cf KB. Chuck Palahniuk - ciofreedopadkin.cf KB. CHUCK PALAHNIUK. eanaieapdf PDF Dannazione by Chuck Palahniuk · eanaieapdf PDF eanaieapdf PDF Das letzte Protokoll by Chuck Palahniuk · eanaieapdf Damned book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The newest Palahniuk novel concerns Madison, a thirteen year old girl who.

Mind you, I don't think that Palahniuk's newest work is bad. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. It won't rank up there with some of his books that I regard as imperative in order to not have lived a wasted life, but it was a fun read. There are some good characters, good description, and an in Well, I can now sit back and wait for the Palahniuk wars to commence. There are some good characters, good description, and an interesting re-imagining of hell and the after life.

Having gone fanatical for some of his other books, they will be unwilling to let him ever write anything that isn't almost exactly the same. They will be disappointed. Although, what right will they have to bitch? Palahniuk has already written some amazing books. Perhaps this book is more "good" than "amazing," but that is Chuck's prerogative and not his fans. Regardless, I can already hear the bitching coming from over the horizon I once again find myself Lamenting Good Reads' lack of half stars.

I must admit, I walked into this book with a fair bit of trepidation, having felt rather lukewarm to everything that came after Haunted and been fully enraged by Pygmy. Reading this book was going to be, I thought, the book fan's equivalent of identifying the corpse.

I used to love him Pity what happened, though. No more would I have to try to defend his bizarre missteps to the rest of my circle of literary friends; after this book, I was going to be done. You might be expecting me to tell you at this point that the author's corpse leaped off the autopsy table, and did a little jig, and as such, I have regained all my faith in his abilities and he's my most favoritist author ever once again.

Well, not quite The beginning of this novel was very slow and meandering, with lots of ruminating and very little action. The Palahniukisms came hard and fast: I'm not actually certain if I was deluged with them, or if I've read so much of the author's work that these devices are starting to feel repetitive for me, but it was just Also too much was the expected jabs at upper-class white society.

Yes, we get it, you hate this psuedo spiritual, pill-popping, insincere group of people. I don't like them either, but if I were a published author I would find some more interesting stuff to say about it, rather than creating these same caricature-ish straw men over and over. The grossness in this book was once again an issue. I don't even know how to describe this, and I'm going to sound funny trying but Grossness can be done artfully.

Shock can be more than schlock, and in his earlier works, Palahniuk positively nailed this concept. It's an interesting ability to get a generation of kids raised with Ren and Stimpy cartoons to read words on a page, and then throw up in their mouths a little. It's even better when he does it and it actually adds something of worth to the overall narrative. He's consistently proven that he can pull out the making people throw up in their mouth part, but the making it worthwhile This book, it falls right in the middle.

Some of the grossness actually seemed to have a real point, and some of it could have been grosser, but the author showed remarkable restraint. Hell, the gigantic pile of nail clippings sounded kinda fun in a horrible way.

This pretty much reflects my feelings for the first But then Something happened. I can't quite pinpoint the exact spot, or tell you what it was precisely that caused it, but I found myself caring about Madison. I found myself identifying with her. Something in the book began to actually move me. I finished the last third or so, completely engrossed, despite some of the really over the top cartoonish stuff that was going on.

There was a part of my brain telling me "No, this is far too silly, don't like this. You haven't charmed my pants completely off, Chuck, but you have my interest again, and I'm keeping an eye out for the next installment.

View 2 comments. Jun 21, Steve Lowe rated it liked it. It was Don't get me wrong, well written, with some solid Palahniukian things to say about But overall? Shit, I don't know. I didn't really go into this book with any kind of expectation. It seems two camps have emerged in the Chuck Palahniuk fandom world - the group that's tired of that "Chuck" voice that every main character seems to have and wishes he'd branch out, and the group that's tired of Chuck trying to branch out and do something that doesn't read It was It seems two camps have emerged in the Chuck Palahniuk fandom world - the group that's tired of that "Chuck" voice that every main character seems to have and wishes he'd branch out, and the group that's tired of Chuck trying to branch out and do something that doesn't read like a Chuck book.

I fall in between I suppose. I liked PYGMY until the end, but my problem with that book didn't have to do with the voice or the "Chuckitutde" of it, more with the copout of an ending. I guess this is Chuck's curse, to have all of his work forever compared to his first, great breakthrough. Either it's not enough like it, or it's too much like it.

To put it another way, this felt like book writing instead of story telling. Felt like fiction manufacturing instead of yarn spinning. I laughed a few times, kind of got to like the Madison character, wondered why all the candy in Hell didn't melt, but mostly just felt really noncommital by the end.

All I really want is to read a good, entertaining story. That's all I'm looking for at this point. If I get something more out of it, then that's just the unexpected gravy atop the mashed potato.

The yellow kind they served with school lunch, that seems so delicious and magical now that I haven't had it for 20 years. It's not you, Chuck, it's me. Will I read the sequel s? Yeah, most likely. But, again, I won't go into it with any kind of expectations. I grew up rooting for the Chicago Cubs. I've learned not to have expectations. I am broken.

Jan 31, Eddie Dobiecki rated it did not like it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Are you there, Chuck Palahniuk?

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It's me, Eddie. I know no one dares editing your stuff any more, since you're a genius and all, but do you think, maybe, you could not use the same rhetorical device as many times as there are pages?

I'm dead, not illiterate. Night Shyamalan of literature, Palahniuk has found a way to transcend the accusations of cop-out twist ending that he, like Shyamalan, must suffer: Now, some people might sa Are you there, Chuck Palahniuk? Now, some people might say that, to justify a "To Be Continued" ending, the work must be especially long, or have a singular narrative thrust that completes itself with an overarching aspect to it.

Or perhaps an episodic structure, where the entire plot is resolved, but a with a quick, jump-cut scene, the book ends with Something About To Happen.

Palahniuk shows us just how simple-minded that view is: Damned is short, nonsensical, and pointless. But I get ahead of myself. Damned is, and it should go without saying there will be spoilers below, the story of little year-old Madison Spencer, who dies and is sent to hell, which is apparently where the vast majority of people must go if the criteria listed are true.

And of course, everyone lies about why they're there. An unreliable narrator? Way to stretch your boundaries! The child of movie stars, Madison has dozens of adopted siblings she mostly doesn't bother to name, and parents that she doesn't connect with. Palahniuk, do go on! What a muckraker! After escaping from her cell with her Breakfast Club group Madison fancies herself the Ally Sheedy type , she travels the fantastical landscape of hell with the speed and sudden quick-travel that only someone who hates writing description can give his characters.

A year-old girl pleasuring a demon by sticking a severed head in the vicinity of its giant clitoris, and having that demon be just so grateful that it gives them all, even the one it just ate whose severed head was all that was left, a ride? Why, how witty and insightful and not-at-all desperately edgy that was. I swoon. Madison reaches the central hub of Hell and gets a job as a telemarketer, where she spends her time annoying the living and convincing them that Hell isn't all that bad, really.

And you get paid in Reese's. Eventually, she takes over hell in a move that can only be described as "quick"; the year-old even wins a fistfight with a demon. But despite her chapter-beginning love letters to him, Satan is nowhere to be found until the very end, where the shocking what-a-twist moment happens, before there's a skosh of what I guess is supposed to be denoument and then the cliffhanger. The book has less than pages, and yet somehow requires a To Be Continued.

Palahniuk supposedly spent some time reading Judy Blume books before writing this. If I were Ms. Blume, I'd ask him to claim he was reading Beverly Cleary.

In closing, I got this free from the library as an e-book, so while I can't ask for a refund of money, I can wish that I had the time I spent reading it back almost as much as when I made the mistake of watching Cloverfield.

Soy yo, Madison. Mucho mejor de lo que yo me esperaba. Ahora ella lo va a descubrir. Es una novela que definitivamente puede ser catalogada de horror, pero que tiene un terror de aquellos que perturban, que incomodan, no de los que asustan y te espantan por un mes. Feb 12, Edward Lorn rated it really liked it. Thanks bunches! His first four or five novels were fantastic, and then we received such disasters as Tell Tale, Snuff, and Pygmy The latter was written entirely in phonetic English.

Le sigh…. The only reason I picked up Da 3. The only reason I picked up Damned is that I found a hardcover edition for three bucks. Boy, am I ever glad I bought it. His descriptions are vivid and disgusting, just the way I like my hellish landscapes. A standout section of this book for me was the gang riding a giantess into the central hub of Hell.

Gives a whole new meaning to the term giving head. I must note that I was rather taken aback by the way the author tackled a sensitive subject: One of the major selling points of a Chuck Palahniuk book is the guarantee of a twist.

Damned is no different.

Yet, I was disappointed in the final curve ball. Seemed… oddly enough, very Stephen King-ish. In summation: Invisible Monsters. Nuff said. Dec 18, Mary BookHounds rated it it was amazing Shelves: Each chapter starts with a note from Madison, the eleven year old protagonist address to Satan. As she accepts her death and now after life, she finds that even small infract quite possibly my favorite book of the year!

As she accepts her death and now after life, she finds that even small infractions are enough to send you to the underworld. Honk your car horn? You get , once you surpass that magic number, kiss heaven good bye. Same thing for being rude, an idiot and not picking up your trash. As far as Madison can figure out, she ended up in hell because she smoke pot.

There is more to the story than that, but you have to read this one to the bitter end to find out exactly how she died. The writing is so superb that I can't even describe the pleasure of each word and the placement. Most writers have one or two quotable lines, but this whole book is entirely quotable. I have read most of the author's work and this totally redeemed him in my eyes for Pygmy.

I had a hard time reading that one. In no way is this book suitable for younger teens but more adventurous ones should really enjoy this.

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It takes young adult paranormal drama to the next level. Hell is also the location of telemarketers. Madison rules hell as she convinces people to give up their eternity for hell and become the top recruiter on her way to world domination.

She does get her chance for salvation, but instead decides she is more suited to a life as a ruler. Aug 09, Ben Babcock rated it did not like it Shelves: I have to return this book to the library soon, because despite putting it on hold, it has another hold on it already. This Chuck Palahniuk guy sure is popular. Madison Spencer is a thirteen-year-old girl, the daughter of rich-but-eccentric parents who love her but are not close to her.

She overdoses on marijuana on her thirte I have to return this book to the library soon, because despite putting it on hold, it has another hold on it already.

She overdoses on marijuana on her thirteenth birthday, dies, and goes to Hell, which it turns out runs on candy and forces people to work, usually as telemarketers. Madison Spencer is really concerned with letting you know that she is well aware of who Judy Blume is and that she has a good vocabulary.

Going to be honest: I kind of stopped paying attention after the punching Hitler part. But by that time I was too far in to quit, and I rather hoped that Palahniuk would somehow pull a redemptive ending out of his ass that would, if not make my time sunk into this worth it, at least give me something marginally positive to say in this review.

Damned occurs entirely in the first-person voice of Maddy. Chuck Palahniuk does not convince me that this is a thirteen-year-old girl, or at least, not any thirteen-year-old girl I want to sympathize with: A crew of sinister Snarky Miss Snarky-pants girls at my old boarding school, the infamous three who taught me the French-kissing Game, they once professed toe ducate me about human reproduction.

This natural event is much like those lizards that live in arid deserts and can voluntarily detach their squirming tails. WTF, Chuck? Trust me, I asked a couple of people who were once thirteen-year-old girls.

Did you? She is a badly written character. My slack is incredibly short supply these days, and I cannot dole it out to just anyone. I explain the seemingly arbitrary rules of which people run afoul, how each living person is allowed to use the F-word a maximum of seven hundred times. Such yawn. Much boredom. Palahniuk is trying to make Hell sound boring and drab and overly bureaucratic.

The problem with that? Matthew Hughes does a far superior job depicting an overly-bureaucratic Hell. And he manages to do so while exploring some interesting moral and philosophical issues. One reason I got so far into the book before realizing I should bail is that I was waiting for something to happen beyond the going to Hell part. Maddy spends the first hundred pages stuck in a cell or wandering aimlessly around Hell with her friends before we even get a glimmer of the wider structure of the place.

Even then there seems to be little hope of an over-arching storyline. Oh, and then she goes off on some kind of sabbatical and ends up punching Hitler. Because … why not? On a cliffhanger.

After less than three hundred pages. Maybe if you had led with the twist, Chuck, and built an engrossing story around it, then I would have liked Damned.

As it is, now I just feel like you spent an entire novel working up to the real story, in Doomed. The irony here is that the only reason I read Damned is because my Dad gave me a copy of Doomed many Christmases ago, and I thought it sounded very interesting but that I should read the first book in the series before I read it.

Damned is crazy, and not in a good crazy way. It all falls very flat, and the result is nearly three hundred pages of boredom topped only by my disbelief—in everything. My two words still stand: Read anything else. Read another Palahniuk book.

Read a Twilight book. Read Twilight fanfic. But leave this one on the library shelf where it belongs. Mar 31, Lily at Bookluvrs Haven rated it it was ok. Hmmmm… Wow… K…. Madison Spencer. A 13 year old girl, daughter of two eccentric famous parents, dies, and ends up in the most strange, weird, ridiculous version of h Hmmmm… Wow… K…. A 13 year old girl, daughter of two eccentric famous parents, dies, and ends up in the most strange, weird, ridiculous version of hell I have ever read.

A hell containing wonderful images such as: Not to mention, where the dead have such jobs as making annoying telemarketing calls during dinner time to the unsuspecting living I knew it!!! Well, I will say this. And though I think that this version of hell feels like it was conjured through enjoyment of a certain drug that Madison thinks actually killed her, it was most certainly amusing, and darkly comedic.

It was so completely absurd, that I just had to keep reading this to see how much more absurd it could actually get. This novel was a metaphorical pug. Before I get attacked by pug lovers everywhere, let's be clear.

I like pugs. How can you NOT like pugs. Refer to Exhibit A pic below Yup Really Cute!!!! But maybe this is the Palahniuk genius I keep hearing and reading about.

Write something so distorted, so perplexing and ridiculous, that no one that picks this novel up can put it back down until it is finished. But it still only get 2 stars out of me.

View all 17 comments. Dec 30, Ali rated it it was ok.

Written early in my time on Goodreads, not representative of my current style. This book kind of reminds me of the music of this new artist all the kids are talking about, Adele, and my reaction to her. While I listen to an Adele song, for whatever reason, no matter how much I try to pay attention, I can never remember anything I've just heard.

By Chuck Palahniuk

I don't like it, nor do I actively dislike it. It's just there. So it is wit Written early in my time on Goodreads, not representative of my current style. So it is with Chuck Palahnkuikjth's newest novel. I just don't care.

I read it only because I knew that for now, nothing could be more amazing than The World According to Garp, and wanted to read something I knew would be disappointing or at least merely average so as to clear my palate in preparation for House of Leaves.

I got exactly what I expected. All I can do is link to Jacob's excellent review, because he sums up how I feel much more eloquently than I can, though he did fail to mention the fact that the characters are all annoying cocks, and I spent probably one collective page not wanting to twist my own head around until my neck snapped just so I wouldn't have to read this shit anymore. I'll admit that some of it was kind of funny, but really, what's half a page of hilarity when the other are unbareable?

If you've never read papalaljpsudophilosophicalwankfestjj43 before, you may actually like this. Part of my rage and pain came from the fact that I had seen all of these gimicks before in his previous books, and couldn't believe he was still using them for the eleventh or twelfth time. Also, if you hate yourself, give this a go. It's not as painfully, head-bashingly bad as Feuchtgebiete, but it's up there. Speaking of, I'm actually thinking of rereading that monstrosity just so I can be funny in a review for it.

Do you see what I subject myself to for you people? Well, it's also because I have a sneaking suspicion that I purposely like to cause myself as much pain as possible so I can break out teh funnyz about my ordeals later on, but that's beside the point.

I hurt my literary nerves just for yooooooouuuuuu! That means you're going to send me money out of pity, right?

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So under pressure, with everybody watching, you say something lame.

But the moment you leave the party As you start down the stairway, then-magic. You come up with the perfect thing you should've said. The perfect crippling put-down. The trouble is, even the French don't have a phrase for the stupid things you actually do say under pressure.

Those stupid, desperate things you actually think or do. Some deeds are too low to even get a name.

By Chuck Palahniuk, Cameron Stewart & Dave McCaig

Too low to even get talked about. Robbie Moran pinned post 6 Apr BBC's seven social classes: The Wire version. The Wire version guardian. Hardcore Edition" official trailer. Vimeo Nina Elisabet Persson vocalista de The Cardigan.. Micah, Maicon still sidelined for Manchester Ci.. The Wall of Sound. US warns North Korea of increased isolation if.. Vincent Kompany wants derby win to be crowned c..Boy, am I ever glad I bought it. I'm sorry, Chuck. The grossness in this book was once again an issue.

How can you NOT like pugs. You come up with the perfect thing you should've said. Gah, the potential!