The Happy Prince. The statue of the Happy Prince stood high above the city. It was covered with gold, its eyes were bright blue jewels, and a red jewel hung. The Happy Prince () - A fairy tale about a swallow who falls out of love with a reed then lands on and falls in love with the stature of the Happy Prince. This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the.

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High above the city, on a tall column, stood the statue of the Happy Prince. He was gilded all over with thin leaves of fine gold, for eyes he had two bright. “THE HAPPY PRINCE AND OTHER TALES” (sometimes called “The Happy Prince and Other Stories”) is is most famous for its title story, "The Happy Prince ". “Why can't you be like the Happy Prince?” asked a sensible mother of her little boy who was crying for the moon. “The Happy Prince never.

The two town councilors and his people, for example, all stared at the statue admirably and dreamt of life as happy as his.

This same statue, on the other hand, could represent the emphasis of beauty placed on the outer appearance. In fact, though it was gilded in gold, the statue actually had a leaden heart and nobody had ever bothered to care about that because they were all stunned by his amazing outer beauty.

When the Happy Prince statue was all ripped off his gems and golden glaze, he was pulled down and melted in the furnace.

Book: The Happy Prince and Other Tales

Moreover, personified as a human, the statue illustrated the devotion he had for his people. He oversaw them and personally asked the swallow to give away his valuable possessions to those in suffer. Name: Heng Somphospheak Class: A2.

Some contributions were justified; for instance, in the case of the hungry boys under the bridge and the play writer, it was a thing that should be done as they were starving. However, in some other cases the contributions should not be made. The match-girl case, for example, it was actually she who spoiled the match by herself, so she did not deserve to be helped. The same applied to the thirsty boy who was sick yet asked for oranges that could make his illness worse.

It was only a temporary solution that would just shift the direction of the problem rather than getting to the root cause of it.

The Happy Prince, and Other Tales by Oscar Wilde

Contemporary stylistics has enriched itself and developed three main fields as feministic stylistics, discourse stylistics and cognitive stylistics and also acclaimed in the field of language learning. The main purpose is to interpret language in the texts.

Language is regarded vital because of its patterns, forms and levels that combine a structure of language. The functional importance of text provides a way to interpret it; Linguistic features are not meaningful in isolation. This myth has emerged by lack of understanding as what is the function of it.

It is more interested in the function of a language of a text. Moreover it analyses those utterances which are produced at different occasions, places, time and culture [12].

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The specific difference between close reading and stylistics analysis: 1. General language is spoken in community while stylistics is a connection between general and literary language. Specialized technical terms and concepts which were acquired from science of linguistics as cohesion, collocation, under-lexicalation and transitivity.

Scientific objectivity is the hallmark of stylistics. In [14] has been discussed about Oscar Wilde that he was son of a reputed doctor.

He was born in Dublin. He got his early education at Portora Royale School, where he was known as a dynamic classical scholar with intellect and deep observation towards life and human psyche.

He was rewarded by Berkeley Gold medal for Greek in He also won scholarship to Megdolen college, oxford, and then he went to England. He was a brilliant speaks and put his at its his lifestyle.

Wilde Oscar. The Happy Prince (Starter)

His literary work is meager than flamboyant son. We can see serious emotions in his early poems and fictions. Alexander [3] states that Wilde was a provocative critic and is widely recognized due to his comedies as A woman of No importance, an ideal husband, and the importance of being Earnest.

Which was staged in it is considered the highly acclaimed at play the outstanding English comedy since Sheridan, Goldsmith or even Congreve, and it is most quoted play which has not been written by Shakespeare [12]. Evans [4] states in his book that wilde was ridiculed by Gilbert In patience, but as an excellent writes of wit and verbal comedy he shared the status of excellence with Gilbert which was on the verge of death after Sheridan.

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His imprisonment proved disastrous not for him but also for the theatre. Mullik [5] writes about aesthetic movement and says that the pre Raphaelite movement in English poetry was practiced by decadent on Aesthetic movement. Wilde was also an upholder of this thinking that art is just for arts sake not to propagate morality, wiled was the beginner who influenced by the ideas of Walter Dates. Wilde writes on the themes of religious and spiritual experience, as in the in New Helen he called himself as the Votary of Beauty [11].

The happy prince has been written in fairy tale mode of expression. It shows a world which is ideal and non-imitative, Wilde has also declared it an imaginary work which was created to amuse his little son but he transformed it into a great satiric piece.

He is known because of his fable short Stories. This short story is not an ordinary story of a prince who is trying to remove the miseries of his people with the help of a little swallow but it also shows a pathetic picture of Victorian age in which poor were living a land to month life ISSN ; CODEN: SINTE 8 and rich people were exploiting all the privileges. It is a static document on the realities of Victorian age; he unveiled the hypocrisy of ruling class, poverty and exploitation.

Wilde himself says that these stories are like mirror which mirror the modern life in a form of remote from reality. The happy prince is a story about the spiritual beauty of prince and the sacrifice of a little swallow which alters its life for the love of the prince. In each case love and sacrifice are the saving and ruling forces. Cuddon [6] says in the penguin Dictionary of Literary terms that Fairy tale is known as kind of traditional literature and also of verbal tradition.

In written form the fairy tale is a narrative and in prose it is about the dooms and destinies of a heroin or hero in which he has to gone through unbelievable circumstances and supernatural adventures, but in the end enjoys a life of festivity forever. Enchanted places, disguise situations and supernatural machinery are the pivotal in elements of fairy tale there is a nice study of human psychology.

The character is imaginative and unreal. Onda [8] has talked about the background of Oscar Wilde that he got literary talent and educational interests form his parents. His mother Jane was passionate to have a baby girl as her second child but on the birth of Oscar she was very dejected and in most of the pictures we can see him in girlish outlook with curly and long hair and lace frilled skirt.

When Oscar was in jail he said that on two occasions when he was forced in his life as his father sent him to Oxford University, and when civil society sent him to jail.

In the biographies Elleman [7] says that Oxford University was a very prestigious institution as well as a was very notorious place to nourish hidden false feelings as wilde got attraction in homosexuality at oxford. He says that Greek and Latin classics were the cause of homosexuality and vices; another important point is that when Wilde quiet oxford university he had claimed as the professor of Aesthetics and became the descendant of that movement.

Sampson writes about Wilde that indeed he is known as the outstanding playwright of mid-twentieth century and that age is also called The Age of T. S Eliot. Drama flourished in the hands of Wilde, Yeats, synge, shaw and ONeill. Furthermore DAiches [11] says that Wilde in spite of being a famous dramatist he could not generate a true sense of satiric tone.

He belonged to the fin de siecle famous as esthetic movement and he ardently followed Ezra pound and suffered a tragic life like his other contemporaries who committed suicide and destroyed their literary career.

Though his plays were not direct reflection yet he added these elements in his fairy tales and in the symbolic story The picture of Dorian Gray. He treated dialogues with polished wit and unveiled the society by foregrounding it in distinctive style. Mitsuru [8] further says that Wilde first published the series of juvenile literatures, titled The Happy Prince and other tales in and A House of Pomegranates, in Round the garden ran a very lofty wall, but I never cared to ask what lay beyond it, everything about me was so beautiful.

It was only a temporary solution that would just shift the direction of the problem rather than getting to the root cause of it.

The statue of the Happy Prince in the story first symbolized the happiness and joyful life that he possessed when he was alive. After they had gone he felt lonely, and began to tire of his lady-love. It is more interested in the function of a language of a text.

He further explains it by saying that did Arab fable can help to understand it in which these are the characters one is from and other is scorpion.