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Where can I find scenario-based interview questions for Informatica .info// 12/ Contains Important Informatica Interview Questions with Answers and Informatica and Answers PDF | Informatica eBooks | Informatica | What is Informatica?. These questions are frequently asked in all IT Companies like 3i infotech,Cts,Tcs This part contains only Informatica Interview Questions and answers for both with Answers PDF Free Download | Informatica Developer Interview Questions.

A reusable transformation is a single transformation that can be reusable. Update strategy transformation is an active and connected transformation.

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It is used to update data in target table, either to maintain history of data or recent changes. You can specify how to treat source rows in table, insert, update, delete or data driven. There are three types of dimensions. Star schema Snowflake schema Glaxy schema. Reusable transformation: PowerCenter domains contain a set of multiple nodes to configure the workload and then run it on the Grid.

A domain is a foundation for efficient service administration served by the PowerCenter.

Node is an independent physical machine which is logically represented for running the PowerCenter environment.

Q 12 What is Enterprise Data Warehousing? Ans: When a large amount of data is assembled at a single access point then it is called as Enterprise Data Warehousing.

This data can be reused and analyzed at regular intervals or as per the need of the time requirement. Considered as the central database or say a single point of access, Enterprise data warehousing provides a complete global view and thus helps in decision support.

It can be more understood from the following points which define its features: All important business information stored in this unified database can be accessed from anywhere across the organization. Although the time required is more, periodic analysis on this single source always produces better results. Security and integrity of data are never compromised while making it accessible across the organization. Q 13 What is the benefit of Session Partitioning?

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Ans: While Integration Service is running in the environment the workflow is partitioned for better performance. These partitions are then used to perform Extraction, Transformation, and Loading. Ans: Command Tasks are used to create Index.

Command Task scripts can be used in a session of workflow to create an index. Q 15 What are Sessions? Ans: Session is a Set of Instructions that are used while moving data from the source to destination.

We can partition the session to implement several sequences of sessions to improve the server performance. After creating session we can use server manager or command line program pmcmd to stop or start the session. Q 16 How can we use Batches?

Top 50 Informatica Interview Questions & Answers

Ans: Batches are the collection of sessions which is used to migrate the data from the source to target on a server.

Batches can have the largest number of sessions in it but they cause more network traffic whereas less number of sessions in a batch can be moved rapidly.

Q 17 What is Mapping? Ans: Mapping is a collection of source and targets which are linked with each other through certain sets of transformations such as Expression Transformation, Sorter Transformation, Aggregator Transformation, Router Transformation etc. Q 18 What is Transformation? Ans: Transformation can be defined as a set of rules and instruction that are to be applied to define data flow and data load at the destination.

Q 19 What is Expression Transformation?

Ans: It is a mapping transformation which is used to transform data in one record at a time. Expression Transformation can be passive or connected. The expression is used for data manipulation and output generation using conditional statements.

Workflows are designed in the Workflow Manager. Task: This is a set of actions, commands, or functions that are executable. How an ETL process behaves during runtime can be defined by a sequence of different tasks.

Which development components of Informatica have the highest usage? There are many development components in Informatica.

However, these are the most widely used of them: Expression: This can be used to transform data that have functions. Lookups: They are extensively used to join data.What is surrogate key?

Top 64 Informatica Interview Questions with Answers

What are the prerequisite tasks to achieve the session partition? Reusable transformation is used numerous times in mapping.

Although the time required is more, periodic analysis on this single source always produces better results. In case of Dynamic cache, rows can be inserted or deleted at the time of passing the rows and is synchronized with the target. Active Transformation passes through Mapping and changes a number of rows whereas Passive Transformation passes through Mapping but does not change the number of rows. Router Transformation is used to filter the source data.

It is created at runtime by the select statement. Informatica is one of the most powerful and widely used toold for ETL Extract , Transform, Load data from source to a different target.